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Jeri Childers

The Brief

About Jeri Childers

Jeri is one amazing woman! An inspiration inthe world of business and entrepreneurship. An expert in her fields, with skills and experience thats is incomprehensible!

We are so proud to be launching Jeri’s new online home, a space that is styled just for her and built to her personality.

Jeri’s new web presence is built on WordPress with a number of add-ons to enhance the ease of use for Jeri. A nice website is no use if its unable to be updated easily.

Jeri’s new site has some features built into it:

  • Auto Publish blogposts to LinkedIn
  • Sign up Form for Jeri’s Audience to sign up to her Insights Email
  • The site is able to handle ticket sales to Jeri’s upcoming events
  • We enabled SSL on this site to ensure security of information

We were on a tight deadline to launch this particular project to ensure it was live before a marketing campaign went to market. We were able to turn this site around in just over 24 hours.

Are you an innovator, entrepreneur, leader or organization inspired to step up, stand out, or make a difference in the world? Then you need to engage with Jeri Childers, tell her Hunter Print & Design says hello!

May 2020
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