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Put the SOCIAL back in Social Media

There is a secret to getting the best engagement possible out of your posts, and the secret is well hidden in the title of the media – SOCIAL MEDIA.

The nature of the platform is to get social, increase engagement and interact with friends and family. So why do businesses and organisations expect to get results from being unsocial?! Would you really go up to someone in the street and ONLY talk about products you sell, or items on sale? NO! So why would you do it on your Social Media platforms?

The ‘rule’ is 80/20. 80% Social, engaging, personal posts vs. 20% product, sales related posts. This can be fluid, but is a great reference point to get started creating a plan!

Think of these boxes as your Social Media Posts

Be Fun! Don’t just use your Social Channels to sell! Spice it up and share a funny meme that relates to your business, products or anything relatable.

Build trust in your brand by personalising posts. Gone are the days of businesses trying to look bigger than they are to secure bigger clients. Personal relationships work, and will help your business. To get great engagement introduce your kids, family, friends. Go out for a coffee at a local cafe, tag them in a selfie. If you are having a working lunch add a photo and ask what others eat while working. Create conversation, create engagement and you will rank better on Social Channels.

If you need help with your Social Channels we can help support this and provide ideas and suggestions on how to reach more people and create engaging posts.

Yell out to us today and we will get people yelling about your business!

Take Care,