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Artwork Specifications

We accept PDF files, version 1.4 or higher. Publisher, Word or any other file may attract charges to convert to Print Ready Files

We recommend 300 dpi for all images and 800 dpi for all text as an image.

Please ensure:

  • Artwork is correctly sized with the required bleed (2mm)
  • All colours are CMYK or grey scale (no RGB or spot colours).
  • All fonts are embedded or converted to curves.
  • All transparency effects have been flattened.
  • There are no low-resolution images. 
2mm on all sides
3mm in from all sides
PDF version 1.4 or higher
300 dpi for all images / 800 dpi for all text as an image
Colours must be either CMYK or Grey Scale (i.e. no RGB, Pantone or Spot Colours)
All fonts must be embedded or converted to curves
Borders and type must be within safe zone as variations may occur when trimming
Ensure your artwork matches your order specifications.
A0, A1 and A2
Custom size also available on request max 900mm wide
Available in Bond, Matt & Gloss, Adhesive

Full Colour one side

  • A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, DL, Double DL
  • A4 6 Printed Page and 8 Printed Page
  • DL 8 Printed Page
  • 80gsm through to 350gsm
  • Gloss, Bond and Matt (Satin) stock
  • Not all stock types are available in every gsm
  • Recycled stock available
  • Full Colour One or Both Sides
  • Black and White / Grey Scale
  • Roll Fold
  • Zig Zag Fold
  • Matt or Gloss Celloglazing also available depending on stock weight and job type
  • Celloglazing available on One or Both Sides
  • Scoring, Perforating and Folding available depending on stock weight and job type

  • 200cm x 85cm

  • 180gsm Synthetic Banner Paper

  • Ensure artwork is created to 210cm